Hair growth products? Meet the best

There are different products that assist in faster and stronger hair growth. See now what are the best products to make your hair grow stronger and healthier: To know more, check out: best DHT blocking shampoo

What is the best way to grow hair?

The best way to make hair grow is through good nutrition .It all starts with food, as it is from there that you will ingest a good part of the nutrients that will help your hair growth.

But we can also include a quality supplement that allows us to acquire the necessary nutrients that we cannot get only with food. Examples of supplements that will assist in hair nutrition are vitamin C and collagen Verisol.

In addition to seeking treatments based on medicines and cosmetics , which will give extra strength to strong, fast and healthy hair growth.

What type of supplement makes hair grow?

Some of the main nutrients that favor faster and healthier hair growth are vitamins and collagen .

Regarding supplementation we have different options, such as vitamin A , which when consumed within the recommendations favors hair growth,and which can be found with a concentration of up to 10,000 IU and for values​​between R $ 17.00 and R $ 70.00 .

We have the B complex vitamins , which help in the formation of the cell's genetic material with tissue strengthening and renewal, and which can be found in concentrations ranging between 5 mg and 40 mg depending on the chosen complex, and for values ​​between R $ 20, 00 and R $ 75.00.

Already the vitamin K , has strengthening action of capillary wires only in the place where it was applied directly, and can be found with concentrations of 100 mcg (recommended adult concentration), and for between R $ 25.00 and R $ 190, 00.

But a vitamin that stands out is the vitamin C .

The vitamin C stands out because of its key role in aid collagen production , both type I and type II, in the human body, collagen being a great ally in strengthening and hair growth.

But to have a good performance, it is necessary to appreciate the quality of Vitamin C . In this case, some points must be observed when purchasing it:

· It must be free of additives : that is, have the minimum possible ingredients in its composition;

· Having an optimized dose : this means that it is recommended that the vitamin C supplement has at least 1 g (1000 mg) per daily dose;

· Be in tablet form : it has greater purity and the ideal concentration for daily consumption, and not the effervescent version.

Vitamin C supplements can be found for values ​​in the range of R $ 65.00.

As we speak of the production of collagen from vitamin C, we could not fail to mention it. But it's not just any collagen that will help your hair grow , but one in particular with recent studies that have proven its effectiveness. We are talking about Verisol collagen .

Verisol collagen is composed of bio active peptides (the smallest part of collagen) . And a recent study (2020), proved that bio active peptides were effective in strengthening and increasing the thickness of hair strands, in addition to making them more resistant to falls, better hydrated,brighter and silky.

The good collagen supplement Verisol is the one that has the raw material provided by the company Gelita (the owner of the Verisol brand),and is produced 100% with bio active peptides, regardless of whether it is in a compressed or powdered format.

The recommended dose for collagen supplementation is 2.5 to3 g, daily to observe its benefits with use, for at least 16 weeks.